Sine function visualization using Unity3D

“Coding Druid” series is my horizontal programming practice notes, each part around a topic like mathematical, physics, electronic, graphics, sound, etc., implemented in several programming languages. Coding DruidPart: MathChapter: Trigonometric FunctionSection: Unity3D In the previous three sections, I visualized Trigonometric function (Sine and unit circle) by MaxMSP, JavaScript (React), and Python: Trigonometric function visualization using MaxMSP Sine function visualization using JavaScript (React) Sine function visualization using Python This time I use Unity3D to implement it.

Transmitting OSC data via WebSocket

Sometimes I meet situations where I need OSC but cannot use UDP.  Such as sending OSC message from browser-based p5js to Processing / MaxMSP / Unity.And I’m developing a OSC controller called BugOSC. It is a WeChat Mini Program, which also does not support UDP. However, although the web guys usually don’t support UDP, they support WebSocket – another network transmission protocol. So I built some examples about transmitting OSC data through

Sound Mountain – interactive MV [2012]

‘Sound Mountain’ is an interactive music experience (or interactive music video).It was exhibited in the 2012 China Maker Carnival in Beijing (中国首届创客嘉年华). The original concept is from a music video by Hibanana. I implement it to this interactive version. Contra: Design, Development.unity3d.

puredata with unity3d

Demo keywords: puredata generates midi notes; unity3d data visualization; garageband sound effect; midi for communication. (not OSC). Contra:Development.Pure Data, Unity3d, Garageband.